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The Legend is a single minded, pure-bread DH race bike which has been refined over the last decade with input from multiple world cup racers. The result of this evolution is the DH race winning 650b Banshee Legend. With the lowest centre of gravity of any bike in its class, 3D forged shock cage area to contain linkage loads, cutting edge geometry and DH race optimised suspension linkage you will be amazed at how much faster you can go on a Legend.


banshee legend 650b geometry 2016


 There are a number of significant updates and refinements that have been made to the 2016 Banshee Legend.


- Most significantly the legend is now optimised to use 650b wheels to help carry speed better through rough sections. To achieve this with optimal performance the whole rear suspension linkage has been redesigned to redcue antisquat and keep the chainstay at optimal length for DH racing while also tweaking the suspension kinematics to improve performance with 650b wheels.


- The geometry of the frames has been updates to supply what our riders have asked for. We have dropped the small size, lengthened the medium and large top tube lengths (while also lowering the center of gravity and standover), and added a new XL size for longer front center to allow taller riders to get into a great attack position.


-The head angle has been slackened to 63.0 degrees, the BB has been lowered 2mm, the travel has increased to 205mm, and rear tire clearance for 650b wheels has been improved over what we have had before with 26" to help on really muddy tracks.


- A new tube set not only increases strength and front triangle torsional stiffness by 5%, but it also creates a cleaner merge with the shock basement forgings, and improves compatibility with the tube for integrated frame bumpers from ODI.


-The linkage kinematcs have been improved to work more optimally with modern DH race cassette ranges while slightly reducing pedal kickback.


-The legend forgings have all been refined to shed weight and improve aesthetics, the frame has tubes for ODI fork bumpers, and now has a 44/56 tapered head tube to make it compatible with tapered steerer triple clamp forks running a zero stack headset, while the whole center of gravity of the frame has been lowered to make it the best in it's class by a margin.


All performance characteristics have been painstakingly and carefully scrutinized to make this a single purpose world cup level race bike.


  • Tuned virtual pivot likage design includes an anti-sag component under heavy pedal acceleration, and a minimal amount of tuned-in squat so under hard braking it helps balance the bike as the fork starts to dive thus letting the bike go into corners level.


  • All CNC'd parts are forged first for optimal strength to weight ratio.


  • Hydroformed 7005 butted aluminum tubes putting the strength were it needs to be. All double offset welded, aligned multiple times between heattreatments before assembling, with 100% final quality checks by  Jay.


  • Internally ribbed seat and chainstay for optimal DH race stiffness.


  • The super stiff fully forged shock cage equalises loading where the highest forces from the rear shock and links take place.

Every aspect of the Legend frame is designed around one thing, to go faster! After 4 years of development, and designed to compete at world cup level racing, the Legend is a no compromise DH race winning machine. With low BB, roomy top tube and slack head angle the rider will feel at home pinning it over off camber roots and picking fast lines through even the burliest rock gardens. The frame itself has one of the lowest center of gravities in its class due to the positioning of the rear shock as low in the frame as possible. With a rear travel of 8", this bike can be set up perfectly for any race course.


The suspension linkage is designed to be progressive through the travel so that the bike feels plush on the high speed stutter bumps, but ramps up to take big hits without bottoming out. There is also a sublte but very effective pedal platform designed in to the leverage ratio curve that means when you stamp on the pedals the power goes straight to the back wheel rather than into wallowing suspension. Another factor that sets the acceleration of the legend apart from the rest is that lateral rigidity of the frame, using one piece 7005 T6 links and internally ribbed chain stays and seat stays makes for a bike that doesn't lose power by flexing, and tracks better rounder corners. The Legend frame has an optimally active rear suspension under braking that offers the racer the best traction and frame balance possible if you feel the need to brake.


The use of titanium pivot axles and bolts, that will come as stock with all Legend MkII frames minimizes weight and they run on high quality (INA) large diameter fully sealed cartridge bearings, to reduce friction in pivots to an absolute minimum, whilst still being able to handle the loads without needing to be replaced regularly. 

The 3.0" stroke shock offers a low leverage ratio, which results in better damping performance. The custom shock basements give the legend strength and stiffness, whilst minimizing weight due to carefully designed machining and integrated ISCG 05 mounts. The Legend is finished off with custom hydro-formed triple butted 7005 T6 top and down tubes with integrated gussets to give the frame strength with minimal weight. The result is a stiffer stronger frame that weighs in at under 8.5lbs without shock.

You thought you were fast... ride the Legend to see just how fast you can be.


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KS Link System

KS LinkBanshee's new KS Link system uses the best elements of the VF4B link, but almost eliminates the rotation at the shock DU bushings for a more supple suspension action, and can be more finely tuned and offers more space for geometry manipulation for less compromise. The pivots will all run on fully sealed INA bearings on grade 5 6Al4V titanium pivot axles and bolts.

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