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Banshee Paradox V3

All Mountain / Trail 29er Hardtail

The long awaited and much anticipated paradox V3 is now available!
The rowdy 29er hardtail that redefined playful and aggressive hardtails returns after a few seasons away, with a totally
new design, cutting edge geometry, and more compliant ride.

banshee paradox


banshee paradox v3


banshee paradox v3

3 point location Shock-Block vibration damping for superior ride compliance.


banshee Paradox v3

Redesigned chainstay yoke with lateral cut-through to maximize lateral frame stiffness while allowing optimized vertical compliance.


banshee Paradox v3

banshee Paradox V3

148 x 12mm Boost dropout system. Axle, retainer bolt and spare hanger included with frame.
Attack angle compliance built into the forged dropout design to smooth out square edged hits.


banshee Paradox v3

Internal cable routing in chainstay and for stealth dropper post routing.

Increased tire clearance for 29 and 27.5+ tires. Max tire width: 29x2.6" or 27.5x2.8"


banshee Paradox v3

Low profile and clean external cable routing using shark fin guides, giving riders what they have asked for.


banshee Paradox v3

New Long and Low geometry based around a 140mm fork.
Internal dropper post compatibility  with ample seattube length despite low standover .
Forged tapered 44/56 headtube


banshee Paradox v3

banshee Paradox v3 forged

banshee Paradox geometry.png



Having spent many years riding the paradox all the way back to the very first V1 prototypes I can feel all its small nuances and have seen the changes its taken over its 10 years; albeit very slight. The V3 is a wholesale complete change and the modifications bring an immediate smile and fun factor that I didn’t realize was even possible.

With a 140mm fork in mind the angles are slacker and it just adds to its comfort and playfulness. The first words after getting down our local trail with multiple small drops/jumps was it felt like an oversized dirtjump bike in the air and then going back up felt as a trail bike should. The cockpit was comfortable, and the low standover made throwing the wagon-wheels around easy.... A 29r shouldn’t feel this flickable.

The new geometry and features of the v3 are a vast improvement over the former and looking at its
contemporaries in the market i can’t find a sexier, sleeker or more aggressive looking hardtail. I know a few will be looking at what we’ve done and again heading back to their respective drawing boards, taking inspiration, and cues from this platform.

We didn’t want to offer alternate setups for single speed, belt drive or different dropout options, like some others. It was designed with intention to offer only boost in a geared option as 99% of customers will build this bike.

With almost a decade of reviews, comments and suggestions we had a lot of direct customer feedback to go on to make many improvements and really make the paradox something special again. The V3 is the result of that and I can’t wait to start see a new round of reviews and comments and see the excitement and joy of older and newer paradox riders throwing a leg over the new V3 version.

- Keith Scott. Designer Banshee Bikes


KS Link System

KS LinkBanshee's new KS Link system uses the best elements of the VF4B link, but almost eliminates the rotation at the shock DU bushings for a more supple suspension action, and can be more finely tuned and offers more space for geometry manipulation for less compromise. The pivots will all run on fully sealed INA bearings on grade 5 6Al4V titanium pivot axles and bolts.

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